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Astro Nauta

Hello my friends today is time to know a little bit more about Astro Nauta! the guy who landed on Dino Dino Land and thanks to him Dino Dino made his dream come true! touch the stars <3
So let's go

Name: Astro Nauta.
Age: 5 years old.
Planet: Earth.
Era: Cenozoic.
Hobbies: Writing fantastical poems.
Favorite food: Vegetarian Ramen
Likes: Journaling.
Favorite color:Pastel Blue
Occupation: Astronaut
Dreams: To visit millions of planets.
Episode Appearance: The First Contact-Dino Dino # 1

Astro Nauta most known as Astro, is been in an important mission that evolves meeting white dinosaurs since he was born! visiting new planets and cute moons for his investigations, that investigates the life of the planets and moons he visits!

Astro Nauta is cute, friendly and cool!

Astro we love you <3<3

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