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Extra Terrestre!

Fiu Fiu Hello, Hello! I'm Extra-Terrestre and this is my profile!, I come from Luna the Moon, I like helping others, and making friends, last time a cute Dinosaur visited my land, now we are friends, and I travel with him on the spaceship made of cardboard!

Name: Extra-Terrestre.
Age: Unknown.
Planet or Moon: Luna The Moon.
Era: Future.
Hobbies: Making spaceships made of cardboard, scrapbooking, and collecting stamps from others moons and planets.
Favorite food: Tofu.
Likes: Scrapbooking.
Favorite color: Neon green.
Occupation: Tourist guide.
Dreams: To visit all his brothers around the universe. 
150 to be precise!
Episode Appearance: Where is The Spaceship?-Dino Dino # 2

Extra-Terrestre most known as Extra, guides tourist who visits Luna the Moon her best friend, he is also in charge of the Ufo E-mart and taking pictures of all tourists!

Extra is a cool guy!

Extra we love you <3<3
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