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Square Guys

Square creatures living in the grumpy planet!
They like serving feasts for their guests, they are also loyal to their king, a square kind that is a little bigger than they are! 

The Bombus Kingdom-Free Zine!

One day Dino Dino was exploring the garden, and while walking on the grass he found an amazing place, that place is called The Bombus Kingdom, a kingdom full of colorful and magical creatures!

Dino Dino took pictures and notes and thanks to this investigation he made a zine for all of us! I've got mine in my hands, so we thought it would be lovely to give you this little gift! This zine has two formats: digital, and for printing! keep reading and immerse your self in this magical world: 

A snail’s dream chapter # 2

Evallo is ready to do the bravest thing he ever did. He’s a fearless snail, once he climbed very high over the most beautiful pine in his garden and saw a whole new world from there, he was amazed by the overwhelming view, he was so excited to know more about that giant world, he loves his land but the world is too big to let it behind as a strange memory and ignore the rest of landscapes and leaves. Such a brave snail, such a dreamer...

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