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Dino Dino

Hi and welcome to the new section of this blog! here you'll find all character profiles of Dino Dino TV, How awesome is that? really awesome! so for you my friends in order of appearance: 

Dino Dino the cute protagonist of this project! (clap, clap, clap)

Name: Dino Dino.
Age: 65 millions years old.
Planet: Dino Dino Earth.
Era: Cretaceous.
Hobbies: Traveling around the universe, blogging and baking vegan cookies for all his friends!
Favorite food: Carrots, broccoli, vegan pancakes.
Likes: Making new friends.
Favorite color: White
Occupation: Dinosaur.
Dreams: To touch the stars!
Episode Appearance: The First Contact-Dino Dino # 1

Dino Dino travels around the universe, writes on this blog, watch Dino Dino TV, eat carrots and broccoli.  At night he dreams with big planets, intrepid snails, and meet new friends, that maybe one day will be part of the Dino Dino universe!  

Dino Dino is cute, white, tiny, and intrepid. 

We love you Dino Dino!

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