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A snail’s dream

In the middle of the night a little snail was in a garden of dreams, he was looking upon the moon and then he had a dream… in that dream he saw himself in the Moon’s hillsides, the hillsides of snow.

“The dreams are reflections from the future” the wise Moon mused and all the stars shone more and more while they were singing a celestial choir of the cosmo itself. The intrepid snail showed a big smile because this unusual song and slowly he hid in his shell – a nice one by the way- lulled by the Moon.

The next day our snail friend woke up full of joy and happiness because all that amazing dreams he had last night and very quickly, almost instantly he was ready for the adventures ahead, the day is young as always. Our friend is an unusual snail, he is fast as the wind and lite as the clouds are. He is unique and very clever. This snail is that intrepid because he has something that a few can understand, something quite magic, a dream, a snail’s dreams.

Do you want to know what is the name of our intrepid snail? Well, he is… Evallo, and he is very pleased to meet you, he is a little bit shy but so friendly. He used to have dreams about amazing things such as: travel around the whole Moon in just one night! Can you imagine our intrepid snail being so fast? A hard goal if you don't have the determination and enthusiasm required for that task, but our Evallo is qualified to do everything he wants to do. remember he is intrepid and magical.

Every single night Evallo used to see the bright and shining moon when she pops up in the nocturnal landscape, the moon always light up everything she touches whit her white and pale light. The Moon likes to play behind the clouds but Evallo used to think that she was scared of something he didn’t see so he was very sad about it, then he hid inside his shell waiting so patiently to be touched by the moon again so he could sleep properly and very confortable as always.

Evallo is one of a few snails that sleeps at night, they usually sleep at day, because they are nocturnal animals, this gave them the advantage of not being watched when they make their games and acrobatics that only they can do. But Evallo sometimes lay awake at night to be with other snails. Evallo is one of the most agile snails that are in the front yard; as they used to call their inhabitants. Evallo used to do a very quick pirouette when he was a little snail and with every daring move he always tried to reach the moon. once, he climbed the highest tree, until its last leaf. But it was not enough to reach the plains of that magical place.

One night, Evallo decide, once and for all, that he would make his greatest dream to come true, to reach the moon! he is a brave little snail by the way, so he would be able to travel around it. the whole white moon and it would be that night. Evallo went at his maximum speed allowed by his body to the nearest corner that had that garden to the moon.

Well my dear readers.... what's about to happen with our little friend?
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