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Candyda Toys!

Hello, Hello! I'm Candyda Toys, I collect cute toys from around the universe! Have you seen any? 
Last time I made friends with a Dinosaur, an astronaut, a cute dog,  an "extraterrestre" alien, and a cute square, they are exploring the universe! now I am part of the crew too! at first I thought they were toys! but with magic and my imagination they came to life! so I decided to be part of their adventure, since I'm searching for some important treasures, maps, and secrets. So I'm embarking in a new and great adventure with my new friends, my beloved colorful worm and many other toys are embarking with me too! I can't wait to see what is next in this cute adventure that I am part of!

Do you want to learn more about me? 
Let's GO!

 Name: Candyda Toys.
Age: 5 Years Old.
Planet or Moon: Candy Planet. 
Era: Now.
Hobbies: Collect toys from around the universe, play Pokemon, and explore.
Favorite food: Pasta.
Likes: Dogs!
Favorite color: All!
Occupation: Professional collector.
Dreams: On finding more friends!!
Episode Appearance: 
Candyda's Toys-Dino Dino # 11

-Candyda we love you, thanks for this information!

**Candyda was made with love, pencil colors, and journal paper!

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