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Astro Nauta

Hello my friends today is time to know a little bit more about Astro Nauta! the guy who landed on Dino Dino Land and thanks to him Dino Dino made his dream come true! touch the stars <3
So let's go

Dino Dino

Hi and welcome to the new section of this blog! here you'll find all character profiles of Dino Dino TV, How awesome is that? really awesome! so for you my friends in order of appearance: 

Dino Dino the cute protagonist of this project! (clap, clap, clap)

A snail’s dream

In the middle of the night a little snail was in a garden of dreams, he was looking upon the moon and then he had a dream… in that dream he saw himself in the Moon’s hillsides, the hillsides of snow.

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