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A white book

Once upon a time a dinosaur wanted to touch the stars, but he didn't know how, so he invented inventions, read books at the evening sun, wrote poems, and traveled around the house, looking for clues, clues full of bloom, papers, crayons, the Dinosaur wanted to touch the stars.

Wait! I read that phrase before! 

Reading books at the evening sun, yes! this was the first thing Dino Dino our white friend did in order to make his dreams come true... 

So he went to the nearest library and found a big white book without name, Dino Dino grabbed a crayon and wrote: Cute Dino Dino Book.

He opened the first page and what a surprise his face was inside! 

The book was big, full of pages, but all were blank, I mean white, white like this cute dinosaur. 

The book was collecting dust, but no ordinary dust, this dust was different, full of colors like a rainbow. When Dino Dino opened the book he fell asleep and started dreaming zzzZZZ 

The magical book started writing and drawing what Dino Dino was dreaming...

And the first thing the book draw was a magical snail, with big and cute dreams. 
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