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3 Micro Villains

Hello! Today we want to share important information about the 3 little chaotic and cute villains from Dino Dino TV

If you saw them please be careful, they like to steal spaceships, crowns and candies!

Name: Candy, Mr King, Little Pirate.
Age: They are older than the universe.
Planet or Moon: Unknown, for now...
Era: Big bang
Hobbies: Stealing spaceships, crowns, eating candies, dancing and singing.
Favorite food: Candies.
Likes: Getting into trouble.
Favorite color: Yellow.
Occupation: Professional thieves.

Candy: dreams on eating candies. 
Mr King: dreams on stealing all crowns of every king from the universe. 
Little Pirate: Dreams to be a pirate!

Episode Appearance: Where is The Spaceship?-Dino Dino # 2

Special Episode: Three Chaotic Villains-Dino Dino # 4

3 Micro Villains! What we can say? they stole the spaceship of Astro Nauta! we want them alive, where are them now? we don't know...

Please share this important information with your friends!

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