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Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof 
Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof 
Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof 
Woof WoofWoof Woof Woof Woof *Hello! I'm the cutest dog, the favorite one, the only one, my name is Joshua and this is my character profile:

Name: Joshua.
Age: 2 years old.
Planet or Moon: Misty Moon. 
Era: Now
Hobbies: Chewing bones.
Favorite food: Cakes, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Likes: Playing with his mom.
Favorite color: Brown.
Occupation: Space Dog.
Dreams: Owning a spaceship.
Episode Appearance: Moonster-Dino Dino # 3

Joshua dog is the cutest guy! he is intrepid, playful, and adventurous.

We love you Joshua!
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