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Once upon a time

Once upon a time a dinosaur wanted to touch the stars, so he created himself to make that task!
Once upon a time the dinosaur was born on a land full of dinosaurs, big trees and big dreams, flowers, dust and sand, sun and shine the dinosaur was born at night.

This story is 65 million years old! but the story itself was hiding in a rock, until someone found the story full of magic and old dust, this girl was called Laura Rain, a Colombian country side girl, who wanted to touch the stars with her hands, Oh! what a lovely way to start your story.

This story is brought to you, because once upon a time I had a vision of the past, and we made friends with this dinosaur, the dinosaur is called Dino Dino, he is white, cute, tiny and intrepid, he loves adventures, carrots, vegan pancakes, and broccoli!

Oh! my dear friend, let's stars telling your tale:

Once upon a time a dinosaur wanted to touch the stars, but he didn't know how, so he invented inventions, read books at the evening sun, wrote poems, and traveled around the house, looking for clues, clues full of bloom, papers, crayons, the Dinosaur wanted to touch the stars.

Oh! my little friend what a hard task, oh my dear friend...

The night he was born, the cute Dino Dino talked with the stars, while I was at home observing from the future, visiting my visions of this little guy.

-Oh! my Dino Dino, you are so magic, I wish you where my friend in real life and as soon as I said that, the Dinosaur went to my mind, yes, my mind! and now at this era he is living with me!

The wish came to life, the wish was true. Oh! but look how tiny you are! And you are white, like a white cloud!

Apparently Dino Dino jumped from the past to the future, jumped like a flea, a flea from the past...

This story is about to start!
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