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The Bombus Kingdom-Free Zine!

One day Dino Dino was exploring the garden, and while walking on the grass he found an amazing place, that place is called The Bombus Kingdom, a kingdom full of colorful and magical creatures!

Dino Dino took pictures and notes and thanks to this investigation he made a zine for all of us! I've got mine in my hands, so we thought it would be lovely to give you this little gift! This zine has two formats: digital, and for printing! keep reading and immerse your self in this magical world: 

The Bombus Kingdom

Enjoy <3<3

The Bombus Kingdom-version for printing!
Hey! follow this little tutorial and you'll have your own copy in your hands like me!

First download the following sheets:
(Right click, save as:::)





Now that you have your sheets , print them out in doubled sized copies!!!

Number 1-2 in the same sheet like this: 

 Number 3-4 in same sheet! Now you have two sheets! with loads of pretty flowers and creatures! 

Cut your sheets in half horizontally -----✂----------- and you'll have 4 pieces!
Organize them like the picture shown:

Fold sheets in half and staple!

Read and Enjoy <3 :) (Don't forget to share this with your friends!)

*Note: Dino Dino and I were able to create this tutorial thanks to >>this another awesome tutorial<<

-Have fun and please if you did this tutorial, show me here: twitter.com/DinoDinoTV I would be very happy to see your zine in your magic hands! :) <3

Love and until the next time! <3<3 :)
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