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A snail’s dream chapter # 2

Evallo is ready to do the bravest thing he ever did. He’s a fearless snail, once he climbed very high over the most beautiful pine in his garden and saw a whole new world from there, he was amazed by the overwhelming view, he was so excited to know more about that giant world, he loves his land but the world is too big to let it behind as a strange memory and ignore the rest of landscapes and leaves. Such a brave snail, such a dreamer...

Evallo’s dream is the greatest of that magic garden, to land on the moon, travel around of it and perhaps try to eat some vanilla ice cream, it’s very famous out there so it is a must to do in that faraway land.

Well, well, well… my friends, Evallo is ready to go, ready to have this adventure. 

He went to that special corner where he could see the moon when it raises on the horizon every night, and then he waited, and waited all day long until the night came and the moon appeared just right in front of his eyes. 
Finally, the time has come, it’s the big moment, right now! Evallo started to move as fast as he could to jump and reach the moon. But he stalled just on the edge of the garden, he was scared, it’s a long fall to the ground, the garden is based on a strange structure which he had never saw before. He was so scared to fall that night, he still stood just on the edge for a few minutes, then he looked up the moon and a tear came out of one of his pure eyes, he felt that he could never reach that magic place... 

Suddenly something magic occurred! the moon started to shine with a different light, Evallo was concerned and tried to see the moon again but the light was so bright and so intense… suddenly everything was normal again, Evallo opened his eyes once he noticed that the light was gone but he couldn’t  believe what his eyes were looking at… some kind of a bright path laid just in front of him, a blue path heading straight to the moon, what could it be? is it a dream? 
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