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Welcome, Welcome to Dino Dino's world, a place where paper friends have fun.

I'm Laura Poppy, the creator behind Dino Dino project, I am a dreamer, I want to land on the moon and eat vanilla ice cream with Evallo the snail! This place is my happy land where dreams come true, my job is to help my little friends to make their dreams real. 

Once upon a time Dino Dino wanted to touch the stars so I decided to help him to make that task!

How I did that?
Story board from episode #1

I draw my little friend, later I used a magical artifact that creates motion, and Dino Dino TV was born, a new whole world was in front of me, Also the Cute Dino Dino Blog was born, the place for cute tales, gifts and treats, special character profiles and more Dino Dino adventures, adventures because Dino Dino is a serial adventurer, he dreams with visiting every corner of the whole Dino Dino Universe! 

Who makes this magic possible? 

Laura Poppy, magic creator from Colombia! 

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Chris Medina the guy who creates all the music for Dino Dino TV, he is also behind the story of Evallo the snail. 

 Listen to his awesome band here:

Ready to meet Dino Dino? 

Before you go please take this certificate that certificates you as an official member of The Dino Dino  Project:

*Thanks for coming!
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