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Behind The Scenes - Baby Dino Dino :)

I love to see other artists process, so I thought it would be cool to share my animation process with you, enjoy this brand new video from Dino Dino TV!

Baby Dino Dino Special Episode!!

Baby Dino Dino is here my friends! please enjoy and subscribe for more Dino Dino animations!

65 million years ago…
Where big dinosaurs, walked on earth.
A mysterious egg descended to earth.
A shooting star spread magical dust
And then Dino Dino was born!!! He had a dream the night he was born… a red artifact arrived to his land and thanks to it he returned to the stars...

A little egg was born

Once upon a time, a little egg was born from a star and descended to earth. In one magic night, a shooting star sprinkled the egg with moon dust and then Dino Dino was born! 

Years later he returned to the stars thanks to a red artifact…  

Candyda Toys!

Hello, Hello! I'm Candyda Toys, I collect cute toys from around the universe! Have you seen any? 
Last time I made friends with a Dinosaur, an astronaut, a cute dog,  an "extraterrestre" alien, and a cute square, they are exploring the universe! now I am part of the crew too! at first I thought they were toys! but with magic and my imagination they came to life! so I decided to be part of their adventure, since I'm searching for some important treasures, maps, and secrets. So I'm embarking in a new and great adventure with my new friends, my beloved colorful worm and many other toys are embarking with me too! I can't wait to see what is next in this cute adventure that I am part of!

Do you want to learn more about me? 
Let's GO!

Colorful Gummy Bears!

Weird noises, colorful friends, following Candy The Villain! 

Copito a strange sponge, or cloud, or whatever!

 HUMMM, this is Copito, a cute blue guy! Let's see what he likes!

Happy Birthday to my Creator!

Happy Birth Day Lovely creator, I love you!

The King

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Happy days my lovely people from Earth, I'm the king of the grumpy planet, my dearest friends are the square guys, they are very loyal to me!

Let's see what I like:

Dino Dino Season 1 (Every Episode)

Hello guys, happy new month! today I want to share my latest workhope you enjoy and love, please don’t forget to subscribe, share with your friends and say hello to Dino Dino! 

*Every Episode from Dino Dino Season 1 in one Cute video, 12 Episodes full of magic, cute characters, magical planets, cute moons, monsters inside, villains who loves to sing and dance. Square guys, king, loads of adventures. Follow Dino Dino and start your own adventure with him, I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun and stories to tell!

Love From Colombia <3

Square Guys

Square creatures living in the grumpy planet!
They like serving feasts for their guests, they are also loyal to their king, a square kind that is a little bigger than they are! 

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